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There is no more heartwarming, spirit-lifting sight than that of a smiling, happy child. At Downtown Georgetown Dental, we work with kids and their parents to prevent toothaches, cavities, and other common childhood oral health concerns. We understand that keeping kids smiling involves more than keeping their teeth healthy, it also means keeping them happy. We strive to make dental care gentle, comfortable, and the fun for our smallest patients.

As a parent, you have a big role to play in keeping your child's teeth healthy and clean. You can help prevent cavities. Prevention starts at home, with good eating habits and daily cleaning of the teeth.

Your Child's First Visit

The Canadian Dental Association recommends the assessment of infants, by a dentist, within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age. The goal is to have your child visit the dentist before there is a problem with his or her teeth. In most cases, a dental exam every six months will let your child's dentist catch small problems early.

Here are 3 reasons to bring your child for dental exams:

- You can find out if the cleaning you do at home is working.

- Your dentist can find problems right away and fix them.

- Your child can learn that going to the dentist helps prevent problems.

Once your child has permanent molars, we suggest sealing them to protect them from cavities. A sealant is a kind of plastic that is put on the chewing surface of the molars. The plastic seals the tooth and makes it less likely to trap food and germs.

When your child visits us for a dental exam, your dentist can tell you if crooked or crowded teeth may cause problems. In many cases, crooked teeth straighten out as the child's jaw grows and the rest of the teeth come in.

If they do not straighten out, your child may have a bite problem (also known as malocclusion). This can cause problems with eating and with teeth cleaning. It can also affect your child's looks and make him or her feel out of place.

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